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One of the oldest marble companies of Turkey Özyılmazlar Marble , working with the mission " give life to natural stone " since 1989 founded by Aydin Yilmaz and Mustafa Bener.

Özyılmazlar Marble had been carrying out the activities in Ankara Yakacık until 2012. Today, in the face of the increasing demand, company working in Başkent OSB, 11.000m2 open and 3.000m2 closed area, with the big investment made for the high technology machinery park. 
Company have been removing  beige block marble from the high production marble quarries in Akhisar and Haymana. It meets their own production needs and provides raw materials to other producers.

Özyılmazlar Marble, who has been proud of serving 34 years thanks to investments made not only to the factory but also his employees, is continuously meeting the needs of the institutions he serves with the double shift system continuously with the experienced staff of 70 people who give life to natural stone.

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